Warning about the character you use to define the project name

Feedback: 31229 - Unable to run in the IDE / Build the application

Be warned that you are not free - on OS X - to use any character you want to name a project.

The feedback 31229 was rejected:

Closed (By Design)
This case has been closed because the behavior described is not a bug.

I reported my use of the slash character ‘/’ that is perfectly correct to name a file in OS X. BUT, I do not searched if other illegal Windows (or Linux) characters are also rejected as project names under OS X.

The project name I was trying to use was: “encode/decode”. I saved the file using that name.

This is a file I set to a folder under OS X: "?,;./%`£$*€^¨ç!è§(’“é&@#”. I got no error returned by the OS nor the Finder. (do not use ‘:’: tis is the only illegal character under OS X).


I forgot to mention that you are able to use these characters in the Application Name field.

Where the design there ?

I’m for one glad that of late, people who use Mac’s have gotten disciplined about what they name files and objects. Rewind back to the '90’s - leading spaces, trailing spaces, unique chars all over the place - just garbage.

I’m not against artsy-fartsy, but most of the computers usefulness UNDER THE HOOD is being clear and concise, not being pretty and decorative with names just for the sake of it. If you want pretty names, save it for the interface.

The exception is the slash, but it’s a small price to pay for the convenience.

It’s annoying, but on other way, I use only internet characters for my applications name. As I put them on the web, then only the extension (ZIP) change. And I use text file on the web to check the update, then it’s the ApplicationName.txt . Etc.
And it avoid those troubles too.

How can Xojo team do in your case ? This character is not allowed on Windows but you are allowed to build your app on Windows, then ??? Yes you can set a different name for Mac, Windows and Linux, but I suppose the control characters is the same.

I would name it EncodeDecode.