Warning about Session in WebApp and 2019r2

After I had installed 2019R2 I did an analyse on my webapp project.
I expected a lot of warnings and indeed there are a lot of them.
But there are warnings that I can’t explain.

I don’t use Append in Session so it has to do with something within Xojo.
Are more people experiencing these warnings and/or is this a known issue?

That’s an odd error. I’d report it through Feedback.

Also, it’s not a compiler error just a deprecation warning. So you should be able to ignore this for now.

I reported deprecation warnings with app.Name ( Chr is deprecated) during the beta phase. This is probably something very similar. Since my bug report was fixed, I would expect that Xojo knows what to do with this one also. Make sure to report it.

edit: fixed typos and made a change for clarity.

I have contacted Anthony Cyphers about this.
If I remove GraffitiSuite Web Edition from my project the warnings disappeared.
Anthony did a proper research and it turned out to be a bug in Xojo (Analyzer).

This case now been marked as reproduced.