Want to continue using API 1.0 in new projects?

The answer is simple. Create new default template project in a previous version and store them in your templates folder. For example Create a new Desktop project in 19R1.1 and save it as “Default Desktop Project” (must be a binary file). Now copy that file into your 19R2 templates folder. Now when you create a new Desktop Project it will be the equivalent of opening a prior project and will give you the API 1.0 methods until you use Save As which will update the project to API 2.0 only.

This is not new to 19R2, I’ve been using this for years to do things like turning off implicit instance on Window1 (which is by default MainWindow) on new projects.

and if you want to keep using the original event names just add a control to the 19r1.1 project and add all the events you want.
then after opening in 19r2 just copy them to the newly created control rather than using the add function.

I think my feature request is relevant here: <https://xojo.com/issue/57892>

yep, I’m also in favor of a prfrence to choose between 1 and 2.0 auto completion…

Here is the Feature Request for a per project option/switch: <https://xojo.com/issue/57885>
If that’s a good idea and a benefit for your workflow and productivity, then please add your points to it and in that way let Xojo know it’s important to not just a handful of Developers…

Done. Already ranked 18th.