Wanna join me at Hippodrome! (Nov 28, 19:00)

I’ve had this dream since I was about 10 years old… I recorded the show on the radio, a Friday evening, in Sweden and in this particular episode there were the small contest all about London.
In this show, they tried to cover most things in London… Well.
They spoke about TimeOut and they spoke about Hippodrome… THEEEE place to be! :slight_smile:

Ever since, I’ve always dreamed about going to Hippodrome! Now I have the opportunity!
I’ve made a reservation at 19:00 Saturday evening for one person… at the sort of expensive restaurant,
I ask! If anyone wish to join, be quick and we can ask for a larger reservation!
I called. She was easy to speak with. Pleasant!


I post this on a separate thread as I wish not to fill Christians Friday conference with dinner meetings at the coolest places on the planet…!
Or, at least in London! :slight_smile:

Maybe other people will stay longer in London and you must eat, right!? Why not do it properly!? :slight_smile:
Also! I asked and it’s possible to bring bags, cameras… all things… to Hippodrome. It was the reason I called.
I’m not a gambler and Casinos in general is not my cup of tea! :slight_smile:

Search in Youtube for hippodrome, london