[VR Gaming] Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Okay this might be a very small group but IF:

  1. You love Star Trek
  2. Play video games
  3. Have Virtual Reality gear for your gaming rig of choice
  4. Own or willing to purchase Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Let’s play! It is incredible.

I recently purchased the Vive and it should be here next week - ish with Star Trek:Bridge Crew. When I get everything setup, then it would be great to try it out.

P.S. I took a Unity Programming course for Virtual Reality and it was great. I am looking forward to see if I can program VR in Xojo :slight_smile:

The problem is that I get very nauseous when playing with the PS VR.
Last time I played Driveclub for 15 minutes I was whole day sick. :confused:

But I am not impressed with the PS VR (even played with the PS4 Pro). It has a very low resolution (you clearly see (big) pixels and horizontal lines). Tracking is sometimes lost too.
Wake me up when the resolution is at least doubled and frame rate is kept higher then 120 fps (read: get less nauseous).

Its just hardware cannot cope with it right now. At least PS4 Pro doesn’t.

But I am a Star Trekkie for sure. Still have all series and movies on DVD and … rubber pointy ears for meetings (I am not kidding). :slight_smile:

I can tell you that Driveclub’s graphics versus Star Trek is pretty night and day. Driveclub was ported to VR and most people get sick while playing it.

Star Trek doesn’t suffer from the motion disparity between what you see and what you feel. It’s also optimized for VR. The experience is so amazing you don’t care that the graphics are weaker than typical games.

I enjoy it but its certainly not for everyone.

But can I wear my rubber pointy ears while wearing the VR and playing VR Bridge Crew? lol

I installed the HTC Vive and spent the last couple of days getting used to it. My first thoughts are … wwoooowww…, this is incredible!!!

At first my son had some of his teenage friends over and I showed them TheBlu, which is a great introduction program to people new to a Virtual Reality experience. The teenagers were impressed to say the least. For those without a VR set, go on youtube and search TheBlu to view a screen video of TheBlu. The incredible part is that you feel like you are there and you can ‘touch’ some of the fish and interact with them. The program is very different from viewing it on a screen when compared to watching and experiencing it in VR (Virtual Reality).

I just finished installing Star Trek: Bridge Crew and my wow-factor increased by 10-times. This is incredible! The graphics are really good, and I do not have the fastest machine. I just went through the engineering tutorial and I am going to need some time to practice.

VR is fantastic… If you have a chance to stop by a Microsoft Brick-and Mortar Store, take the time to try a free 5-minute demonstration.


Hi Phillip,

I am willing to try VR Star Trek. Let me know when you have time and want to give it a go. My online name is:Burgerbelly1

See you online :slight_smile: