VPN Crashes HTTP Socket

Has anyone noticed this?

My app checks for new versions of itself by loading a simple text file remotely with an asynchronous HTTP socket.

If the user connects to a VPN while my app is open, the app hard crashes (but not if it’s not using the HTTP socket.)

Is it sufficient to call myHttpSocket.close on myHttpSocket.PageReceived? I assume I don’t need to call .Disconnect before using .Close.

Is this a crash or an UnhandledException?

New Framework or Classic?

Crash as reported to me. Haven’t had a chance to verify myself yet.

Compiled with Xojo 2016 r? (March 2016). 32 bit. I’ve seen this problem on both Windows and OS X.

this is a big difference… the way HTTP is done on the two frameworks is very different.

Sorry, wasn’t thinking about the question. Yes, classic framework.

I’ll try recompiling with the http socket in the new framework.