Volume Slider Graphics?

I’m not much of an artist when it comes to designing and drawing controls. So I’m wondering if anyone out there in the community has a volume slider (like you’d see on a mixing board or something like that) type control. I would be willing to purchase the rights to use it if necessary. The built in slider class just doesn’t have the look for what I am trying to do.



Hello @Jon Ogden

I am in the same position. In such cases i often use Logoist to make a few Images which i use in a Canvas. Logoist is really good for creating awesome Graphics by people like us. :smiley:

Edit: Replaced Link to German Website, with Link to English Website.

Do you have an example of the type of slider you are after?

Are you talking about the code as well, or just the graphic element?

Something like this https://medialoot.com/item/vector-indicator-rings/ ? I usually buy editable stuff and then customize.

Perhaps something like this:

I had a few minutes to play with Logoist this morning and drawed the following in approx. 5 minutes:

Just put both Image Parts in a Canvas and with a few lines of Code, you have your own slider :slight_smile:

Knob example: https://forum.xojo.com/22818-creating-a-rotating-knob-troubling-question

I have no time to finish my Demo, but here is something to start with:

Project Archive
Logoist Slider Project File

Sasha - That’s like PERFECT! Thank you. Let me mess with this.

Logoist now owes you commission on one sale :slight_smile: Thanks!