Volume(0) in OS

I know this is pretty basic, but can I do this ? Or Volume(0) in OS is read only ?

Dim newFolder as FolderItem
newFolder = Volume(0).Child("DoorMan")

Thats really going to depend on privileges in the various OS’es

What is it your trying to achieve ?
THere may be something else that isn’t so dependent on permissions

Hello Norman. Thanks for the help.

Actually I want to have the above folder in a C: drive on Windows …

That’s why I started in OS with Volume (0) …

Under any modern version of Windows, write access to the root of the boot volume (which may or may not be C:\) is restricted. The user will not only need to be an administrator but also they must elevate their privileges to gain write access (right click the EXE, select “Run as Administrator”).

Thank Andrew. I would like to have a db.sqlite file available to All Users in Windows.

Do you know how I should do that ?

That’s what I am trying to achieve putting the file in the root… without UAC.

I am thinking now to use:


[quote=15543:@EDGARD LANDWEHRKAMP]I am thinking now to use:


Thats probably the best place as that is what it’s intended for