VLC Experience

Just curious if anyone has used VLC via MBS recently to create movies and what your experience has been.

You create videos via VLC?

Do you mean to use parameters to play a file without sound/picture visible and output the stream to a new file?

No, what I need is a cross-platform way to create a movie file by adding still images, add labels, and then play it back. Does VLC not have those capabilities? I know there are things available on the Mac side but what about Windows?

If you just need to make image from pictures, you could try my own JPEGMovieMBS class.

Otherwise shell class and ffmpeg command line tool.

Or for Mac only AVFoundation.
Or using older Xojo version with QuickTime.

Definitely can’t use QuickTime.

If Windows Media Player can’t display the video then this class won’t work for me.

Well, our JPEGMovieMBS class writes a Movie file with JPEG image stream. Not everyone can play it.

For a project running just a few times and doesn’t need to work in a few years, QuickTime is still a way with an older Xojo version.

For cross platform, you’ll end up with ffmpeg or similar.
Or check VLC command line options for our VLC classes.

@Bob Keeney this (https://superuser.com/questions/608569/convert-jpg-to-video-for-playback-in-vlc) doesnt answer your questions directly but hints you can make some type of videos via a series of images.

ffmpeg can read the output from the JPEG Image stream movie however, or you can just pipe the images to it directly and have it encode them as whatever you wish. (I would use a TCP socket and not stdin/out as those tend to be much slower)

I have just re-run the latest version of Christians VLC plugin examples and it seems greatly improved as it actually works with the latest version of VLC. 3.0.6 I think on my Mac at least. The previous version of VLC from last year that I last tested with did not work at all because of some changes they made to the paths embedded in their libraries. The new one is looking good and I will have to revisit that. So you have 2 choices for cross platform, you can now use the VLC plugin or you can pipe to an included or separately installed version of ffmpeg in a shell.