Visual Installer

Hi there,

Anyone have experience of using Visual Installer from SamLogic. On paper it seems like a reasonable option and the price is right. To short comings I see are:

  • No support for installing services (but CMD commands can executed, so there is a work around)
  • No support for installing IIS websites (programmes can be run after the setup finishes so you could roll your own)



I started to use VI back in the 90’s. It’s indeed a stable and reliable product. For some years ago I worked closed with the guys at SamLogic to manage installation of MS Excel add-ins.

Download it and explore it. If You miss any feature send an e-mail to SamLogic to discuss it. They are open-minded people.

Hi Dennis,

Thanks for the response. And yes I have already downloaded and run a few tests.

It looks very good and apart from the two issues mentioned above, the only other limitation I have found is that it is not possible to enable the user to enter values such as a connection string or a port number. But it should be possible to work around this.

Over all in my opinion it is very good value for money, considering the cost of other installers.


This is exactly the type of feedback SamLogic like to have. If it’s ok with You I can address these feature to them and ask if it’s possible to add them into future release.

BTW, the built-in macro language is quite powerful. If possible I recommend You to learn it.

Yes by all means do! That plus including a function to install a windows service would go along way to rounding out the functionality.

[I expected you can install a service by calling the cmd, but a function would be nice]