Visual C++ 2015 Redistribuable and my apps

After going through motions to get 2016R1 working under Windows 7, first time ever I had this kind of issue installing Xojo, it gets me insecure to say the least about generating apps with that version.

I suppose apps generated by 2016R1 will absolutely require the VC++ 2015 Redistribuable, right ?

So now, the extra contains :

  • Files for x64
  • Files for x86
  • installers for x86
  • Installers for x64

How am I supposed to juggle all that ? I guess my installer can place the DLLs next to the executable, but they come in two different flavors. So if I understand right, the installer needs to copy the proper version depending on the system version (64 bits or not).

Or, should I somehow find a way to have the installer launch the right installer (x86 or x64) at the same time it copies the app ?

That is way messier than anything I had to do until now. I am inclined at the moment to consider staying with 2015R4.1 for Windows, unless I absolutely need something in 2016R1.

Not depending on the system, but depend on your apps whether they are 32 or 64 bit. 32-bit apps will look for the 32-bit dependencies while 64 bit look for 64 bit dependencies.

I use an installer that take care of this pre-requisite for me. I just need to make sure when I create the installer for 32-bit I include the 32 redist or I put the files as App Local. Similarly another separate installer for 64 bit.

Would it be alright if I include the content of x86 next to the 32 bit executable ? That is probably the easiest.

I will have to set up a VM with no redistribuable to test if it works correctly.

I went through the 41 DLL files. They are all flat DLLs, meaning they are not ActiveX DLLs and therefore do not need to registered in the Registry. So they will just work if placed with the 32 bit executable in the same app folder (not sub folder).

Just for info although not relevant here: If they are ActiveX DLLs, then need to include a SxS Manifest to circumvent the Registry registration and DLL Hell.

Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 was released on 30-Mar-2016. VC++ Redistributable Update 2 is available. If some time down the road, Xojo is built using VS 2015 Update 2, and if required another round of dependencies would follow.

Just for info only:

The VC_redist x86 and x64 presently included in Xojo is Update 1 if I am not wrong.

This is one reason we suggest using an installer as it does NOT install them next to your exe but system wide so they get updated by Windows Update

@Paul Lefebvre ,

Would you consider doing a video topic on this? for example, how best to accommodate the new requirements in an installer for Windows.