Visual basic to XoJo

My name is Olivier, I have developed an application on Visual Basic and now I would to make it for Mac OS.
I think XoJo is a good solution but I would like to know if it’s possible to import a project from visual basic to XoJo?



Hi Olivier,

No it is not possible. There are two or three tools that will partially convert you VB code to Xojo code, but they don’t do a too good job.

Check VB migration assistant, for example:


Unless it’s a very simple program, I haven’t seen a converter that will properly convert the whole thing. I tried, and ended up wasting a lot of time. What I ended up doing, and what I should have done in the first place, was redoing the interface and the basic code (like inserting button handlers) in Xojo, then copying big chunks of the actual “work” code into those methods.

Oliver it depends on your Programming style and your piece of software. If you have structurized your code in Objects on one side and Dialogs and/or Controlling Code on the other side, you should not encounter any big problems. If you are using Files, Databases, System specific or Low-Level APIs you better try to re-write your code completly.

Wow so fast, thank you.

Actually my program is very simple, I only use:
-Serialization/Deserialization for data backup
-Webbrowser to parse HTML code
-PDF library

You can test it here: SEO TOOL

Do you think it will be difficult?

Oh I am sure you will enjoy Xojo’s enhanced XML/JSON/ Dictionaries/ Lists/ Key-Value Pairs and String or Memory Operations… built in HTTP Socket and HTMLviewer and a lot more powerful functions than Visual Basic ever have had :slight_smile:

I assume you have a lot of hand-coded quirks in VB and you will see how easy same results could be done in Xojo when parsing HTML/XML for your SEO Tool.

Just give it a try, take your time!

Thanks all for your replies.
I will try with VB migration assistant and if it’s not possible I will reprogram it…


There is another Converter that was available from PismoTek, but they took it off line after Real Studio became Xojo. I had better luck with it, but about the only thing that was worth doing was the business logic of my code, which it converted fairly well. UI code, forget it, just created a huge mess that wasn’t even worth attempting to try to fix up. Database stuff is different enough that I found writing from scratch to be easier, due to the differences in Access and SQLite. But algorithms that were mostly stock VB code came over fairly well.

Not sure where you would get that converter now, it is not longer posted for download.