Visual Basic misery

I want to get into the Windows Store, so I must use Visual Studio 2013’s Visual Basic. I had not used VB since version 4, so I was a bit rusty. Besides, the language has much evolved to support events and other improvements.

Coming from Xojo, I was fearing enormous syntax differences, but that is not the case. Sometimes, writing is identical.

Problem rises from documentation. I was spoiled by the clarity of Xojo help documentation. Microsoft has conceived the most disorganized piece of crap imaginable around VB : no synthetic list of anything, and certainly no thesaurus anywhere. All relies on an abstruse text search.

I regularly read about imperfections in this forum. The 'crosoft forum is sssslow, cumbersome, full of self-important people who post confusing information and links.

I found more information on Google and StackOverflow than in Microsoft doc !

If only I could post apps created with Xojo in the Windows store, as I do in the MAS (thank you App Wrapper Mini), I will renounce right away the dark side of coding :wink:

Paul has done a tremendous job with the Xojo docs, and we shouldn’t take it, or him, for granted.

If only he didn’t insist we call him “Sir Paul LeDocumento”. Or is that just me?

Paul has done wonders to the docs. Xojo has spent some serious effort in all their books on top of the docs. thank you to all of you (Xojo).

I agree with the former posters, Paul did an excellent job creating the Xojo documentation.

Also his webinars and his advice are very valuable additions to the Xojo experience and community!!!

Can I suggest to Xojo inc, to double Paul’s monthly earnings?

Well done, Paul Lefevre and thank you!

I have to agree. Spot on. I picked up realbasic 3 years ago and was up and running in no time. I came from VB and although it’s a little more mature I wouldn’t look back. I think xojo have done a great job of the docs but also the product.

This is my favorite thread ever!

I agree, the docs for Xojo are very good. Nice work Paul.

Good job, Paul!

Great job Paul! But can we change references of “Real Studio Developers Spot” to:

Xojo Developer’s Spot? :slight_smile: please and thank you.

As for windows RT applications, im currently writing an ide similar to VB to create native RT Windows 8 applications by translating Xojo code to HTML5 and javascript…so far, so good. Now if only once completed Xojo will allow me to distribute it (unlike my iOS compiler with full cross-platform xcode support I was asked to hide from the public eye :-/) if I decide to make it stub-based. …it will even wrap tge RT applications for ARM processors :slight_smile: so this may be a “for my eyes only” if xojo dont like the idea of releasing it.

[quote=47930:@Matthew Combatti]can we change references of “Real Studio Developers Spot” to:

Xojo Developer’s Spot? :slight_smile: please and thank you.[/quote]
Done. Your logo says “Xojo Studio Developer’s Spot”, BTW.

Yes…:slight_smile: that was made in haste before disappearing 3 months ago to do some work in the medical and energy fields :slight_smile: I do have plans to get the site fixed later this evening and working with another community member to get the peer-to-peer code sharing available so we can disable the nasty “downloads” section :slight_smile: and get XDS working under carbon for Mac users :slight_smile:

Again…can we say Paul is awesome! Thank you!

I think VB.NET is great it has quite a few differences and xojo has an easier language in my opinion. It seems from my experience that it is easier to move to xojo than to move to Things that are really simple in Xojo may not be so simple. At could go on with quite a few examples of this. But I will just tell you one that is handling control arrays!! It seems that handeling control array in is a pain. I thought it would be easy to whip up a quick project but then you have to spend lots time researching for an easy solution, and you may find there is no easy way a doing certain tasks. Check this article on control arrays out: Huff!!