Vistied Samphire's Solace in Elite:Dangerous

It seems that @JulianS 's brother has a station named after him in the Game Elite:Dangerous. I found it while pillaging a few stars for exploration discovery this evening and grabbed some shots from my Purple Dolphin. So, to answer a couple of questions I got the other day - no, I don’t live in Xojo. Sometimes I live in space :D.

BTW - If you play, it’s in system CD-69 5

Wow… thats what Elite looks like these days?
Changed a bit since the BBC model B… :wink:

Nice! I’ll need to have a word with the staff, they let anyone in these days :wink:

I found this a couple of years ago when going through some old boxes, brought back a few memories.

David Braben ( original author, born near me) is also behind the Raspberry Pi
Small world. Clever , clever bloke.

Oolite is a very good Elite clone if you want the original Elite feel.

Available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Of course they let me in - “I’m your King”