Visiting SF Bay Area Feb 2020

I will be in the San Francisco Bay Area from Jan 31 til Feb 6. I’ll be available for hire, if someone needs some help with their Xojo software or tools.

In case you don’t know me - I’ve been a REALbasic / Xojo user since '98, published some of the first popular plugins (some of which are now part of MBS), wrote several tools for Xojo (OpenLingua, Arbed), worked on and assisted with development at Xojo, and wrote many apps in Xojo (Find Any File, iClip, iBored and more), some of which are also still sold in the Mac App Store. I did some Windows and Linux apps as well. I’ve started developing in the early 80s and can also do work in C, C++, ObjC, Java.

So, I am quite experienced and can solve almost anything. Teaching is possible, too.