Visit the Space Center?

I’ll be staying over on Saturday and plan on going to the space center for a tour. They are open from 10a - 6p. I was wondering if anyone else had similar ideas?

Hey Jeremy,

I was going to do the same and would be interested going as a group!

Count me in! I’m really quite excited about this part of my trip to Houston :wink:

I envy all of you… :slight_smile:

I’ll have some of that - I’m in…

I’m going but on Tuesday. My plan was to bus there.

I’m arriving Tuesday morning at 10:30 am, renting a car, driving to NASA and doing the tour, then driving to the hotel and dropping the car off. Happy to take anyone along who happens to be at the Houston airport (IAH) Tuesday morning.

@Charles Weger maybe I’ll see you then!

My flight doesn’t leave until 4:30 on Sat - I’d love to spend some time at the space center. Count me in!

@Philippe Casgrain : are you by chance at the airport now?

I’m at the Space Center now! Post here if you want to meet up. I’m taking the tram tour and will be back at 1.

I have a tram tour at 1:00 and an Orbiter tour at 3:30. I’ll try to see you at the tram at 1. I’m 6’4" wearing dark blue Canberra Space Centre polo shirt.

Is anyone else still interested in visiting the Space Center on Saturday?

Yes, we are going.

Maybe we should plan to meet sometime and share Ubers?

Have you guys purchased tickets already?

Let’s take roll call.

  • Kem Tekinay
  • Jeremy Cowgar
  • Eugene Vassiliev
  • Paul Levine
  • Tom Catchesides

Who else?

At the galleria you can rent a full size car for $60 and take 4 people. You then don’t have to worry about Uber, waiting for rides or the fact that it’ll be $70 or more each way.

I’m in

Me too.


  • Kem Tekinay
  • Jeremy Cowgar
  • Eugene Vassiliev
  • Paul Levine
  • Tom Catchesides
  • Patrick Delaney
  • Paul Budd