Virtual Xojo User Group - June 2017 Meeting Is Today

Just a reminder that the June VXUG meeting is today (June 15th) at 2:00 PM Eastern Time.

Today’s presenters include:

• Dana Brown, Xojo’s Director of Marketing, who will give us an update on XDC 2018.
• Tim Dietrich, who will demonstrate Aloe, a Xojo class and development methodology that can be used to create public Web sites using Xojo.
• Wayne Golding of Axis Direct Ltd, who will give a presentation on using Xojo to develop Windows Service Apps.

We still have space available. If you haven’t already signed up, and would like to attend, click here:

A quick follow-up to today’s meeting…

The video of the meeting is now online on the VXUG Web site:

Also, I’ve posted a blog to answer some of the questions that I’ve received about Aloe:

And finally, thanks to everyone who attended.

  • Tim

We missed the presentation of @Wayne Golding about Windows services.

Pity you can’t download the video. I like to watch webinars etc during train rides …

My apologies to all. I thought I had an extra hour in bed, but missed the change in Daylight savings so didn’t get to the meeting until after it had finished :frowning: This meeting is now at 6am my time and so is a little less compatible.

I will however record a movie of my presentation and post it on youtube, hopefully Tim will publish a link to it from the vxug site.

Again sorry folks.