Virtual Pub Crawl

Welcome to the Xojo Virtual Pub Crawl! Let us know what you’re drinking tonight and let’s chat!

Cheers from the Xojo team!

Javier: Steinburg Classic
Paul: Brew Dr. Kombucha Superberry?
Travis: Dr. Pepper 10
Robin: Cola Light
Alyssa: Prismatic IPA
Dana: Hefe Weissbier
Stephane: Wine
Geoff: Virgil’s Root Beer?
Greg: A&W Root Beer
William: Butterscotch Beer (cream soda)
Stephane: Pastis
Wiki: Cuteness

I usually drink IPAs but it’s nice to start off with a lager or two. This is a local Belfast Lager (the clue is in the name). The glass is from a trip to the Harpoon brewery in Boston last year. I had hoped to bring back a Nashville pint glass but… well… I’m not ready to talk about it.

I’m at work but I would be having this:


I promised Gavin I would be the designated driver, so I’ve got my crisp refreshing water :slight_smile:

I hope this deal still applies in London?

Sounds refreshing! :wink:

I did not intend my photo to be almost life-size, sorry about that.

I’m having a IPA from Ninkasi, a Eugene, Oregon brewery

I forgot my drink!

Pub Crawl’s largest picture award goes to…(drum roll…)

Gavin Smith!!! :slight_smile:

You haven’t had root beer until you’ve had Virgil’s Root Beer.

[quote=479858:@Alyssa Foley]I’m having a IPA from Ninkasi, a Eugene, Oregon brewery[/quote]
I was just looking those up, I’ve never had one. 5.9%?

It’s water for me too. Nevertheless, cheers!

It’s 10am here, so coffee for me :slight_smile:

Ninkasi here, too.

It’s pretty good for an IPA but really it was chosen because it is the only beer in this house :slight_smile:

sorry… don’t have any beer… but glass of tea with condensed milk and basil seed

My Kombucha bottle just has water in it now. No more left here!

Nice to talk to Bob in his zoom group meeting right now.