Viewing stand-alone web app console while debugging

Am I overlooking a way to view the web app’s console while running a debug build in the IDE? I’ve always used work-arounds, but there are situations when I’d really rather just see the standard web app console. I feel like it’s such a simple, obvious thing, I’m probably overlooking a menu option somewhere (or else, if now, I’ll submit a feature request).

Three of the work-arounds:

  • Pause the app to inspect values in variables.
  • Write the same console output to a file and view the file.
  • Store the same console output somewhere in the app and build my own viewer into the app (which also requires opening a second browser window/tab to get to that particular page, with whatever hoops are involved).

Click the third icon on the bottom of the IDE window - the one that looks like a WiFi signal turned on its side. That will show you all the console output. You can’t make it an interactive console, but you’ll be able to view the output.

Thank you! That was exactly what I was looking for–not sure how I ever lost track of it being there!