View database in binary project file?

Is it possible to connect to the database file in a binary project using an external database viewer (e.g., Navicat?).

I would really like to interact with the project database outside the Xojo application.

A bundled database will exist as a file in the resources folder
On a Mac, thats hard to see as is part of the App bundle.

But for a number of reasons, especially write permissions, it is best fro your app to make a copy of the db into specialfolder.applicationdata (or sharedapplicationdata) when the app starts up.
That way, you can write to it without issues
And an external app can connect to it using the known path.

If (eg) Navicat tried to connect to a db while it was in your resources folder, it may error due to permissions, and would almost certainly not be able to write to it.

Thank you @Jeff_Tullin !