Video Streaming Host

I am (re)building a video subscriptions site and am considering changing vide hosting company (presently with Fliqz). Does anyone have recommendation for a video host? We have a bit over 228 hours of video content. I would like to know if there is a company whose platform fits well into Xojo. I am thinking there are SDK’s that are cumbersome and some that are a good fit for WE.

Thank again in advance!

Amazon s3 coupled with elastic cloud is a cheap effective way, I used it for 147 videos and it streams etc, fast and reliable

Not sure if you checked out Vimeo Pro - lots of customizable features to include no vimeo logo and replaced by your own. View watched stats… Unlimited HD uploading…etc

Thanks. It looks like Brightcove and Vimeo are two contenders. Just have to compare now.