video size reduction

Hi All
Any recomendation for a video converter application, not for changing format but for reducing file size with reasonable quality lost ???

@Mariano Poli — I personally quite like Handbrake (macOS, Window, Linux — Open Source)

I’ve used these 2:

They seem to do the trick. Pretty quick and reduces pretty significantly

I can recommend ff-works.

It’s totally cool and made with …drums… XOJO!!!

Check out

i used “Super” Video Converter <- seems to be the real web page
don’t know if it compress better

and they offer a video converter for 13€

Thanks everybody

I strongly recommend you to check FFMPEG -

That includes libs and powerful command line utilities enabling almost endless recoding possibilities used by many GUI tools behind the scenes, like handbrake. It’s very useful for batch operations. If you don’t want to read the manual to find the best possibly combination of command line settings for your job, the web is full of little recipes, and a google web search can help you to start your fun trip.

Why not writing one? After all we are all developers :wink:

@Massimo Valle — Yeah and it’s not like it’s a difficult topic :slight_smile:

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