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Can someone point me to the right direction? I am trying to use the WebMoviePlayer to play a small video but I only see the control when I open up the web page. I am using this syntax on the MovieURL property: I also copied the MP4 to the folder I made inside the main folder called pics. The files are in a windows machine.


Put the URL you wat to load in the adressbar of your browser. If it is correct, the movie will be loaded, otherwise you will get an error.

If your web application is using https and your video is http then it may not show.

I put the video in OneDrive and copy the link. If I put it on a browser, it plays but not in the Webplayer!AC5QNUEXrwcPqJw&cid=A5302FCCF16118D3&id=A5302FCCF16118D3!77973&parId=A5302FCCF16118D3!76881&o=OneUp

That URL is for the attachment page, not a direct link to the video. The direct URL for the video is

You can right-click the video on the attachment page and select “Copy Video Address” or similar to retrieve the direct URL. If you use this value for your WebMoviePlayer instance’s MovieURL property, it should work.

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Excellent @Anthony_G_Cyphers . That did it. Thank you so much

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