Video Codecs for HTMLViewer

Ok I seen the video codecs listed before for the HTMLViewer Webkit render. I know its different between Mac & PC and it’s really becoming frustrated trying to play embedded video, because I get a working solution on Mac only to find out the Windows side needs something different.

I seen these codecs listed before, but I can not find them with various searches… Maybe my eyes are too full of redness or something.

After some research I have found some every disappointing information about our Webkit HTMLViewer.


It seems the video code support is the exact opposite between Windows and Mac not 1 common shared format, seriously this is a nightmare for cross platform support. The secure S3 player I am using doesn’t utilize a secondary video for fallback since most web browsers do have common support of at least 1 shared video codec.

The issue is that I need to support both Mac & PC embedded videos inside the app.

Another shocking discovery that Windows Webkit HTMLviewer scores a lot higher feature wise, I did not suspect that.

Windows Webkit Video supported codecs
MPEG-4 ASP support No ?
H.264 support No ?
H.265 support No ?
Ogg Theora support Yes ?
WebM with VP8 support Yes ?
WebM with VP9 support Yes ?

Mac Webkit Video supported codecs
MPEG-4 ASP support Yes ?
H.264 support Yes ?
H.265 support Yes ?
Ogg Theora support No ?
WebM with VP8 support No ?
WebM with VP9 support No ?

There’s a registry key you can set on Windows to ask the OS to use the most recent version of IE instead of the earliest. That should get you most of the way there.

Also, check on instead of html5test because it’ll show you across all browsers at once. Just search for “video” and/or “mp4”.