Video - Application running in 2017r3 vs 2018r2

The link below will display a video of one of our applications running in XOJO 2017r3 and the same application running in 2018r2. The latest Einhuger plugins were used for the treeview. This is being run in a VMware virtual machine running Windows 7 on a new Core i7 MacBook Pro.

The purpose of the video is to demonstrate the sluggish behavior of 2018r2 when painting the screen AND the flickering in the treeview.

link text

Xojo has acknowledged that getting the native HDC will cause flicker and have proposed solution that I add one more buffer for the entire TreeView to avoid drawing native objects on the main Graphics as Direct2D does not play well with native GDI.

I am currently evaluating if this is viable to do for us, it obviously would slow it a little though.