Vibrancy effect

@Michel Bujardet I started a new topic, as I have a feeling we’re hijacking Jims thread and that is not the intention :slight_smile:

Adding some other filters, I’ll get this:

    img = new ABXVImage
    for i as integer = 1 to 15
      img = ABXVConvolution.StackBlur(img, 20)
    img = ABXVColorFilters.BrightnessCorrection(img, 45)
    img = ABXVColorFilters.ContrastCorrection(img, 15)
    img = ABXVConvolution.Sharpen(img)
    img = ABXVColorFilters.ContrastCorrection(img, -15)
    img = ABXVColorFilters.BrightnessCorrection(img, -15)

Thank you for creating this topic. I have now to download ABXVision from your web site :slight_smile: