Very simple Windows install question

I have avoided working with Windows for a lot of years. I now need to install a very simple app on a Windows machine.

It uses one SQLite db as the only external file. Can I simply put the app in the programs folder and the database in the appropriate place or do I have to use an installer?

Always use an installer on Windows. There are exceptions, but this general rule keeps you out of trouble. Things like registering a DLL, placing libraries in the right locations, etc. are handled correctly with an installer.

You should really use an installer.

There are sample Inno Setup installer scripts included with Xojo.

Just make shure to use the option Include Runtime DLL’s, and deploy any way you want. You can use even a self extract compresed file. (To decompress/install in the PF you need admin rights)

For the DB, it should be managed/created by the app itself, correct place is a subfolder of C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming

thanks guys…