Very long constants cause the IDE to lock up

In a small project I was putting together as a demo for another thread I noticed that mousing over very long constants (53133 characters in this case) caused the IDE to lock up for 30 seconds or so as the IDE attempted to display the constant at the bottom of the code editor. Activity monitor reported that Xojo was not responding during this time and it indicated the IDE was using 100% cpu. It would seem to me that this constant value should be cached by the IDE and loaded in a separate thread which is not the main thread so the IDE remains responsive. Has anyone else had this problem, or are you smart enough to avoid constants that are so long?

“smart enough to avoid constants that long” :slight_smile: I rarely make constants more that 30 or so byte… let alone 53K

I would put the content in a file, then drag the file into the IDE … you would still refer to it as if it were a constant… but the IDE won’t try to show it to you at the bottom of the screen