Very large file size for printing report


Does anyone else who uses the report feature in Xojo notice that the file size for printing is very large? As an example, I have a 4 page report (Example 12-6 Groups) which has a size of 404 Megabytes. I printed off a 240 page book (I Wish I Knew…), and the size of the print file was 110 Megabytes.

Click on the picture to view a clearer version.

Here is a link to download the example 4-page report (2 megabytes in size as a pdf).

Is anyone else noticing this large file size and the added time required to print a file in pdf?

Miscellaneous info:
Windows 8
Xojo 2013 R2
Cute PDF writer
Graphic size of Logo 15 kb


Xojo outputs pages as a giant bitmaps instead serialized objects.

Yes I report this to feedback many years ago, and still waiting to be solved. I can’t give you a case number as my feedback crash all the time.