Version.Major version does not change the Dirty flag

After I saved the latest changes, build the current final version, made a backup of that project, I changed the Version.Major #, press cmd-S.

Then I went suspicious: did I saved that information ?

I set the sound ON *, issue another cmd-s, did not hear any beep. I put a letter there (or some other change: I forgot what I really do), issue a cmd-s and see the File Menu changing.

What I mean is: changing the Version.Major value do nothing, will not be saved if you do not set any other change.

Can you check that ?

Same behavior in 2015r1 and 2016r3, El Capital .6.

  • I work with Sound OFF for two main reasons: when I awoke in the widdle in the night, I will not make unwanted noise with my computer, and, becuse of Xojo.

To the Xojo Engineers: it is useless to issue a beep everywhere (if you make that especially for me [no, I do not think that :)] ) because I never hear them !

Beeps like “that menu item is disabled, so you can’t use the shortcut” come from the system.
You can actually configure your system to use a visual aid for this:

Additionally, I cannot reproduce this issue in 2016r3 - the project gets dirtied by changing the Major version number in the IDE.

Thanks Tim.

OK. I just re-checked and I confirm what I wrote earlier with a better comment:

Fired Xojo 2016r3,
Loaded a project,
Click in the Shared entry,
Click in Version.Major, select the value there (2) and press the 3 key,
cmd-q (quit Xojo),
No quit warning, nothing.

NOTA: I only changed 2 with a 3 AND I DO NOT PRESS Tab nor Return.

LOADS of things do not ‘save’ permanently unless you press Return.
Its a nuisance actually, I have lost count of the number of times I have changed the name of a control and then noticed it still says TextBox1 a few minutes later.
You have to press return.

Please report instances like this where you experience it
I’ve been working to make it so you don’t have to press return to make changes stick but there may still be some spots I have not fixed