Version Control License

I use a different VM for each customer’s project. Different projects are on different Real Studio versions with different plugin dependencies. I know Xojo loads the new plugin format faster but it used to take ages. So each customer has a nice VM just for them. I used to be able to install my Enterprise license across all of them and no problems.

Now I understand I am restricted from building to three machines. I even understand the purpose of the remote debugger and it works reasonably well. However what I really want is some kind of unlimited version control license I can install that lets me save to version control format. I don’t need to build or anything just save my projects from the individual installation without jumping through ridiculous hoops.

I hope others agree.

log in to your account
deauthorize one VM
install it on the other

but there’s no license for “save as version control” as that license would allow companies to buy one of those per developer & one build license and side step the intent of our licensing

Yeah I would spend all day de-authorizing and authorizing. That’s not a solution.

Um I could just save as binary and sidestep the ‘intent of licensing’ as well. My intent is to get actual work done, thanks.

You may need to look at doing things a different way.

On windows I have multiple versions of software in different shares and then map to those shares depending on which one I need to work on. E.G. I’ll map D:\ to \\localhost\myapp\v1 or I’ll map D:\ to \\localhost\myapp\v2. I did this to overcome issues with external components that changed between versions because D:\ becomes version/product dependent.

It’s also possible to install multiple instances of Xojo into these shares so you can remove the unused plugins. While having many different installations of Xojo may seem not optimal, it’s far more optimal than having multiple versions of Windows.

The only thing I then needed to manage was the registry for recent items which is easy to manage with a Xojo program.

I’m assuming you’re using Windows rather than OSX due to licensing issues with OSX.

Wayne, I like the ideas. Unfortunately most of my projects are not strictly Xojo, that is just one component. So they have various .NET libraries, or whatever else required. On some its strictly Xojo and I suppose I could swap it out.

The main problem is Xojo Pro gives me three build licenses and thats fine… I’m already using 2 not counting my 20 vm’s at any given time. I just don’t understand why I can’t save to version control format.

I mean I could save to binary, move the file over to my host machine, then save as version control, capture the changes in Git, commit, repeat. However I don’t see why I should have to do all those extra steps.