Version 2021R11 - Desktop Label Text Alignment - Right

This may be the simplest question every asked. O am doing my first desktop target application. Somehow, I can not determine how to “right align” text on one (or more) text box contents so they all line up to the right side of it’s defined text boxes. All text boxes I’m using are in a vertical list and all the contained test is ‘left aligned’. If anyone can assist in my inability to find the correct sequence of directions, it sure would be helpful. Sure I’m just missing the correct ‘text alignment button’ allowing a simple right justification (on one or multiple labels)

Control type: “GroupBox”. Maybe I’m using the wrong control for a label for a field. Appreciate any assistance. Sure it’s an option, just can’t locate it.

Label and TextField have Text Aligment “Right”
in the Inspector at Appearance / Behavior
or you could also create a subclassed Canvas and Paint your Border and a Text to the Right in the Paint Event Method.

Markus, thank you so much your your reply. I had used “Group Boxes” rather than Simple “Label” Box. I will

Markus, thank you for the reply. Based on your description, "Inspector, Behavior, Text Alignment, Found it for both the Text Field and Label. I had been using “GroupBox” which does not have “Text Alignment” as an option. Now, I’ve got it! My best.

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