Version 2018 r3 problems

I just downloaded the latest version and tried my 2014 r1 created app in it (I’m hoping to upgrade so I won’t get bitten by the future release of the the Mac OS that won’t support 32 bit apps.

However, these are my problems…

Properties as arrays don’t accept default values… that’s a lot of code reprogramming. It works in my older version.
anything with graphics or draw picture doesn’t compile

dim g as graphics g=Chordshape(viewchordshape).graphics g.DrawPicture (chordOverlay,0,0)

also, I guess the syntax for this has also changed…

Dim pic as Picture Pic = NewPicture(10, 10, 32)

But apart from that, it’s pretty cool. All my monkey bread plugins load up :slight_smile:

If anybody has any solutions to these questions I like some feedback.

this one is easy
just do a global search/replace of “NEWPICTURE” to “NEW PICTURE”

Never was aware that Arrays of Properties could accept default values

And yeah… that use of graphics was change long ago…

Welcome to 2018… but trust me it is a much better place

[quote]dim g as graphics
g.DrawPicture (chordOverlay,0,0)[/quote]

the object represented by chordshape(x) is a ‘fixed’ image now. Not amendable
You need to create an array of amendable images instead

chordshape(x) = new picture (100,100) chordshape(x).graphics.drawpicture thebackground,0,0 chordshape(x).graphics.drawpicture chordoverlay,0,0

I’m pretty sure this was a bug fix. It may not have caused a compile error in older versions, but I don’t think it did anything either.

NewPicture was deprecated 2010r3 in and removed in 2016r4.

What is Chordshape? If it’s a Window or Canvas, the Graphics property was deprecated in 2011r4 and removed in 2018r3. You’d use the Paint event for drawing instead.

Then it might even work to just set the Picture as Backdrop: Chordshape(viewchordshape).Backdrop = chordOverlay