Ventura & apps built with previous versions of Xojo

I see a lot of postings about Ventura and the IDE… but what about existing apps that were built with older versions of Xojo… in particular 2021r2.1. Will they run OK?

Test yours and report the results here ?

Depends. Some of my apps crashes. But recompiling with 2022R3 solved it.
For example the Search control will crash on Ventura unless you use the latest Xojo version.

I also noticed run problems with Applescript compiled apps. That was related to codesigned scripts that didn’t want to run anymore. I could resolve this by adhoc sign them before running the compiled script.

Did you read the other threads?

It seems the other threads are not specific for apps built with previous versions of Xojo.

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Some of us have no interest with installing Ventura, and the other threads run on and on and on. It would be really great if you could simply answer the question rather than shame those looking for information.

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They are not exactly shaming anyone, but also are not being helpful… as Christophe was. Jim made a very good defense of his argument. For apps compiled with older versions, some presents problems under Ventura. E.g. what Christophe said.

So far, our app built with 2017r3 has only shown one issue which was not related to Xojo.

My big app built using 2019R1.1 and MBS Plugins 21.3 needed some small adjustments for Ventura (“System Preferences” is now “System Settings” etc.) but has no crasher bugs, and we are still using 2019R1.1 and MBS 21.3.

My apps compiled with 2021R3.1 works just fine under Ventura.

That’s something important to notice, Xojo and MBS found an issue that arises in Ventura. Both issued updates related to plugins. Apps without plugins worked ok, but with plugins crashed using 2022r1-2.x, not sure if before, an it was fixed in Xojo 2022r3.x and latest MBS.

Many thanks to those that have answered my question… and to anyone that also does so in the future.

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