Vectorial File Type


for those who use Object2D (Vectorial drawings):

what kind of file type do you use to open/store your vectorial Pictures with Xojo ?

I haven’t tried saving 2D vectorial drawings yet, but native support for SVG import/export received most of my points in the feedback ratings system.

At writing of this post, the request for SVG support was ranked 25th.


I’m working on a vector format for 3D if you are interested… X3 Data Format.

The X3IO module of Tutorial 14 on the website can be used to load and save vectors in the X3 Data Format. I am busy finalizing an official SDK for working with these files that should be ready soon.

Not sure however if this will help with 2D vectorial drawings.

Akwyn: Thank you for your kind answer.

I do not wrote:
“read and write in a file type recognized as a vector image container by other graphics software applications”

So my exported files can be read by other applications (if such exists).

You can use PDF. That is what Apple prefers on Mac OS X.