Vector3D and Quaternion Objects in Xojo

Is there a reason why the Vector3D and Quaternion classes were removed from the Xojo framework? (They are available in the Real Studio framework)

I would also like to know why, is there a replacement class?

The X3Quaternion and X3Vector classes in the X3Core library might help you.

Here is also a tutorial on how to write your own quaternion class.

Would be nice though if the Vector3D and Quaternion classes are built-in features of the Xojo framework.

All the RB3D classes were pulled a while ago, I think because they were built on Quesa. With them went the Vector3D and Quaternion classes.

Another alternative is Jeff Quan’s brilliant RBGL which you can use as a replacement for RB3D:

I haven’t got the whole RBGL to work under Cocoa, but you can extract glVector3D and glQuaternion if you just want them and they’re fine under Cocoa.


I had a particular email-conversation with Geoff about this.
I even, according to his request, sent examples about where I used Vector3D, but it was complete useless: Vector 3D was removed from Real Software and I had to create my own Vector3D class, that was used extensively in my graphic software.
A vector 3D and its operators (cross product, dot product, etc.) are paramount in graphics, but it seems that graphics it is not too important for Xojo. I also can not understand what is the negative aspect of maintaining this class.

After using your software Ramon, I can imagine it was a massive undertaking to re-implement the missing classes.