VC++ MFC old discs

very offtopic… Im trying to resurrect some old MFC code, but the newer Visual Studio Express doesnt support MFC, (which was quite a surprise)

I foolishly thought that a copy of VC++ 5 or 6 would be lying around in someones bottom drawer and going for sixpence on ebay, but apparently not.
Does anyone have a source for such a valued antique?

Visual Studio Community 2015 does provide MFC. The Lexing Plugin uses MFC, and therefore you should be able to use MFC for free.

Visual Studio Community 2015 does provide MFC<<
Doesn’t ship with afxwin.h or the MFC libraries in the version I downloaded, though.

If I remember correctly, after downloading the community you have to download the MFC package within the application.

If anyone knows how, I’d be grateful… I cant find such an option. There is a NuGet feature but if I try to add something there, I dont have a dropdown list, and I dont know a URL

Found a copy on US eBay. Seems like most Brits prefer to keep our old discs, or chuck them in the skip… :wink: