VBMigration Assistant

Hi, first of all thanks for greate software!
Ok my question is what files do I need to import to VBMigrationAssistant from VB project?
I tried to insert all possible files and it always migrate to .xml file.
I have inserted: .suo, .sln, .vbproj …and all but still doesnt create a project or something i can use.
Thanks for answer

Guess the VBMigrationAssistant can only migrate the MS VB6 and older MS VB code.

thanks for reply, and how do I know what is the version of vb? I found just simple vb source code of tables and lists on sourcecodes website for free, so i downloaded and now what should i do?

MS VB6 and older versions seem to have the following file extensions for various type of files in the MS VB Project.

.bas - VB source code module.
.cls - VB class module.
.frm - VB Form/Dialogue Box.
.vbp - The main VB project file that has references to all other files in the project.
and others.

The extensions mentioned in the initial post above seem to be for MS “VB.NET”, however I can not be certain.

I guess that VBMigrationAssistant migrates the UI related elements of the MS VB project and the various modules as well as the definition of the global variables. However all the VB code will be commented out in the migrated files and will have to be manually uncommented , migrated and tested.

Not sure if MS “VB.NET” can be migrated to Xojo by using VBMigrationAssistant.

i tested also and do search for older vb codes and once i enter inside the migration, it still export only small piece of .XML file :frowning:
so, i really dont know, but thx anyways to take a look and spend time to read my topic :slight_smile:

Oh and sir, please if you are so skilled I would appreciate your help if you could take a look here, if you have time 5min it will be for you nothing as my head is falling in frustration as i try to learn and i do many google test as well as here, but nothing work for me :frowning:

It should be possible to open the migrated Xojo project (that was created in XML format by VBMigrationAssistant) in the Xojo IDE to complete the remainder of the migration process.