VBA Word document: write data from Xojo ?

A question comes to me:

Can Xojo write in a Word / VBA document ?

The data to write comes from a SQLite data base.

You can use the plugin included with Xojo.

Thanks Neil, I will check, learn the how to and try :frowning:

Look in the example projects that come with Xojo Example Projects->Platform-Specific->Windows->Office Automation

The Office Automation Plugins automate Office Tasks and are not made for “write in a Word / VBA document”.

I can’t help here, but i am sure someone may be able to help you when you tell us exactly what you are trying to do. Writing in an Office Document could mean Open Word, Open the Document, write Text into Word, Save and Close the changed Document or Open the Word File in the File System and attach/replace Data or … :wink:

Thanks Brian.

Sasha: the Secretary actually takes paper Folders and count data, open Word and type the data there. The idea is to have a computer application that deals with the Folders (on development) and get the informations from where it actually is and paste them in the Word document, then She sends that Word document to someone (an accountant I think).

These are second hand informations, so I do not know exactly (but I have one doc file for understandings).
I do not have Word (I worked with Word 1 / who was in an antpiracy floppy, 3 and some other versons after that, but no more in the last 20 years or so).
It is possible to open these files with LibreOffice and Pages (I think it was it).

That should be easy with the Xojo PlugIns. But you need an Office Installation on the Machines.

We got a WordFileMBS class for MBS Plugin, which we use to load Word documents, replace tags with text and save new word file.