VBA and Xojo

How similar are VBA and Xojo ? Do you mix things up very easely ? Are you aware of any keywords with similar names but with different uses for example ?

VBA and Xojo are similar but not identical. Yes, the syntax is similar. But I work in VBA quite differently compared to Xojo. VBA is the country of variant and of “on error resume next”. The IDE hasn’t been changed since 10 years. In Xojo I use classes. In VBA I use daisychaining like diagram.series(x).object.something.

Hi Horacio,

As Beatrix said, there are many commands that are similar but are not the same. Probably the most common error that I make when working between the two languages are the order of the commands, as an example:

Excel VBA excel.activechart.ChartTitle.Font.Size = 30

Xojo Window1.Label1.TextSize = 30

Its really easy to see what action is being taken in each language, but the commands are just slightly different.

To make this even more complicated, you can program VBA Word and VBA Excel in Xojo to control these Microsoft Programs (books for Excel and Word with Xojo are at xDev Library).

Do you need external plugins for this ?

To control Excel, Word and Powerpoint you can use the MSOfficeAutomation plugin.
It is in your Xojo installation: Extras/Office Automation/

You can use it only for the windows platform

VB has many more reserved words

More information here: http://developer.xojo.com/office-automation-overview