VB6 apps on Win10 still work

I just installed Windows 10 and realized that my old apps made in VB6 from 10 years ago still work fine.
I never used installers so I presume Microsoft is still putting all the necessary DLLs for VB6.

Just saying.

They do, but as an ambitious developer you could consider to rewrite in Xojo, 64 bits of course. :slight_smile:

Microsoft keeps backward compatibility for a long time. But VB6 has been officially replaced by VB. NET back in 2003 and officially declared legacy in 2008 (read deprecated).

I maybe pessimistic, but I would not count on having the DLLs in for the next decade.

If you ask me, I’d like the old ActiveX stuff not working anymore, giving a boost for new developments. :slight_smile:

My VB5 apps work great in Win10. I use installers (you should) and include the necessary DLL’s.

Visual Basic apps are lightning fast on modern computers, it’s almost silly. When I think about it, it’s only because of xplat that I use REAL/Xojo. There’s really no comparison, though, but if you are only doing Win apps and you don’t have any modern funny business going on, I’d use VB6 (even 5) with no hesitation.

The apps I mention above I still sell, and they sell quite well considering I wrote them with intensity almost 20, even 10 years ago. I update them and enjoy using VB5 still.

Microsoft is great at providing backward-compatibility and I’m going to continue using VB5 until Microsoft pulls the plug.

There are tons of 32 bits VB6 based applications still running. Think for calculations it’s still faster as Xojo 32 bit. So keep selling, but think twice before building new stuff.
BTW: this is a Xojo forum :slight_smile: