VB6 and VB.NET to Xojo

VB6 and VB.NET to Xojo. After the conversion using VBMigrationAssistant2014r1Windows the only content is: App? The was no error in the conversion and when I looking at converted file using Notepad++ there is a lot of code there. But I don’t see it in Xojo studio.

I made a simple “Hello World” program and VB6. That project convert without problem and I was able see it all (form, controls and code) in Xojo studio.

I can not move to Xojo if I am able to convert my old project. What shall I do now?

I would guess there is an error in the resulting Xojo XML project file. I’ve seen this caused by some VB projects (usually older ones) that are using some code that the Migration Assistant does not know how to handle. Try opening the XML in the Firefox browser (or some other tool) to see if it is actually a valid XML file. If it is not, you might be able to tweak the XML so that it loads properly.

Or create a private Feedback case with the original VB project and Xojo XML project files and we can take a look at it.

Thank you for your feedback. The Firefox trick solve the problem for me.!