vb.net ole plugins

can i use vb.net or c# to make ole plugin for Xojo


you need native C/C++

ok thanks

It is definitely beyond my abilities, but it would seem that there are ways to create com callable wrappers for .net components. Microsoft has this link on the subject. Perhaps this might be an avenue to explore. It may or may not be applicable, and when someone like Christian says not, the chances are very slim that this link is applicable or feasible. He definitely is a reference on plugins around here, and I am definitely not one. I am just posting this info in case you are really in a hopeless situation. - don’t ask me how this might work, it is, as I said, beyond my abilities.

There are definitely ways to use VB .NET or C# COM DLL. I use that in several of my apps. But they are not plugins, and do not provide the same level of integration. It may often suffice, though.

See http://www.xojo.com/blog/en/2014/01/accessing-net-code-from-xojo.php

Thanks i only need to do some ole2 call
I go to try to see if it works

Hi Christian

Do you have any plugin for ole2

If you have then i no have to write it