Variables not showing in debugger

I am sure I am missing something, I will start with that.

I have not used Xojo in a couple months and when the notice came out a few days ago about 2015 V2, I did my update and opened an old 2014 project. I wanted to add a couple things, no problem. When I went in and added a few breaks in so I could debug a variable issue, I noticed they were not showing up in the debugger now. Is there a new setting or am I remembering another programming languageor just clueless nowadays (big smile)?


I think if your window is too narrow (or too short) the variables may not show up - try adjusting the panes & hiding/showing various pieces?

The column for variables is showing and I see ‘me’ & ‘self’ just not my variables. Now I am using properties with a scope of public.

If you’re using properties of a module you need to click on Globals->Modules & select your module to inspect it’s properties.

Thanks Wayne,
I am not sure on the modules thing and that I have a module… When I followed your instructions, my properties where still not visible. To fix my error issue, I added local variables and mapped my “properties” to them and figured out my issues. the short term problem is solved, but for the long term learning not so much.

Thanks for the help though.

[code] HPixels = val(HPixelText.text)
VPixels = val(VpixelText.text)
FPS = val(FPSText.text)

Results = (FPS * (HPixels * VPixels))
Results = (Results / 1000000)
MHZ = Format(Results, “###,###”)

//ResultsText.text = str(Results)
ResultsText.text = MHZ

If (Results <165000000) and (VPixels <=1200) then
TextLbl.text = “DVI is Single Link!”
TextLbl.text = “DVI is Dual Link!”
end if[/code]

The properties will be found in the variable named “self” (when it’s a window or standalone class) or named “me” when it’s a control on a window. To the right it lists the type of self or me, click on the one appropriate to see it’s properties.