Values for a ListBox without using the Inspector

I was wondering if there is a way to input the Initial Values for a ListBox without using the Inspector. I wanted to use multiple variables to specify each of my five column heads. In the Inspector, you can press tab to specify the next column, but hitting Tab (on macOS) or using Chr(9) didn’t work for me.

I wanted to use: aListBox.InitialValue = “”

Can anyone help me?

simply set the number of columns using listbox.columncount = 5
then use the listbox.header(colnb) to set the value of the header of the column.

From the Language Reference (Listbox):

2/3 of the page.

Creating a three-column ListBox and adding the headings and the first row of information:



ListBox1.AddRow “Milton”

Thank you, I got it to work!