Value of Encodings.UTF8

I want to create a method like this:

Sub myMethod(Enc as TextEncoding = Encodings.UTF8)

but I get this error:

Window1.myMethod Declaration - A constant was expected here, but this is some other kind of expression

so, which is the Constant value of Encodings.UTF8?
If I do Enc = Encodings.UTF8 and debug this variable I get:

Enc as TextEncoding base = 256 code = 134217984 format = 2 internetName = UTF-8 variant = 0
Is something the value I need?
Thanks for your help.

Encodings.UTF8 is a function, so you cannot use it for an optional method’s parameter as default argument. Workaround:

Sub myMethod(Optional Enc as TextEncoding = Nil) If Enc Is Nil Then Enc = Encodings.UTF8 End ...

Thanks Eli.
That’s exactly what I did.
But I thought it was too simple.
Perhaps sometimes simple things are the best?