Validate PrinterSetup Without showing Dialog

Is there a way to make sure a printer setup string is valid without opening any dialogs?
I could write a try catch when printing but in some cases I just want to check if the setup is valid and use (show selected) the default printer if it isn’t. I absolutely can’t have additional windows popping up just to check.

Yes, I first get the name of the default printer then call the settings dialog and save that along with user name and the setup string in my database. Then the next time the user clicks print, I get the default printer name and then check to see if it is saved in the database. If it is then I use those settings and don’t display the settings dialog. If it is not saved then display the settings dialog and save for next time. So the settings dialog is only shown the very first time.

Yeah I have a case where I’m needing to set up multiple printers/settings for later use. I’m then dealing with a situation where a shared printer might be invalid therefore causing an error when trying to print to it. Note I’m regularly printing to label printers that are not the default printer.

I was able to solve my problem by passing the ps to a wrapped in a try/catch. This validates the ps without showing any dialog windows.