Valentine DB move to a particular Record

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious but…

I’ve been looking at the API for the VTable and while there are methods to move to first record, last record etc. I can’t see a method to move to a particular record. How come?

I see lots of search methods on the VField returning various types of VSet, but once you have one, what do you do use it to get to the actual records.?

  1. You set the position property of a cursor.

  2. I haven’t done much with VSet because the documentation is really confusing. I’m using this code

dim theCheckset as VBitSet = InternalMessageIDField.FindValue(Left(InternalMessageID, 100)) if theCheckset = nil then Return true else dim i as Integer = theCheckset.Count if i = 0 then Return true else Return False end if end if

to check if a record is already in the database.


Hi Beatrix,

Thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately I’m struggling to relate this to the VTable as it does not seem to have a Position property??? I can’t imagine one has to do a linear search each time…


OK, think I cracked it - RecID does the same as Position for a VTable. Thanks for the tip Beatrix.