valentina web site

Valentina’s site when I try to get me off the site.

if any one have same problem

Hmm, Strange.

The Link from Tim shows the Website as Offline.

The Website is Online for Me.

IsItDOwnRightNow shows the site also Online

Perhaps some kind of Routing Error.

Its up in Paris as well.
From my VPN in Miami it works fine too.

However, I noticed that seems to do something and eventually reroutes to after a second. Maybe something is wrong there.

it look like ban the ip

Haha ! Tim, you are an incorrigible prankster !

Could very well be. Then you can try with a VPN. There are free ones available

It is also possible that the site looks at the languages supported by the browser. If your browser supports only Spanish, that maybe the problem (the site has no Spanish content). Try adding English to the languages setting of Safari

The principle is the same for other browsers.

Realize this is an old thread… but today (10-Jun-2017) I have tried 1/2 dozen times to download a copy of Valentina from their website… and it has failed 1/2 dozen times… It is not on my end as I have downloaded similar size files from other sites with no issues, and quite quickly. Valentina site seems to lose the connection after 10-12 minutes usually around 25-30 meg of the file.

Also, the webpage says the macOS file is like 28meg… when in fact it is closer to 60meg…

Anyone else? alternative site to try perhaps?

I just downloaded Valentina Studio 34.9 MB. It took about a minute.

Dave try directly via

I got a copy via the Apple Store… took about a minute to DL it