Valentina Studio Pro + Valentina Reports ADK 50% Off 2/14-21/2014

Celebrating 16 years of Valentina with a 50% savings through 1/21/2014!

Valentina Studio Pro, available for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows is your complete tool for database development and administration, including MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, SQLite, PostgreSQL and of course, the advanced object-relational database Valentina DB. Diagramming, Visual Query Builder, SQLDIFF and a powerful Reports Editor for creating visually rich business reports. Regularly $199, during this special offer, only $99! MORE INFO | ORDER NOW.

Valentina Reports ADK lets you embed a powerful reports engine into your applications and is available for over 30 platforms, including .Net, Cocoa / Objective-C, LiveCode, Xojo, Java and more. Grids, charts, barcodes, PDF generation and an entire visual toolbox are yours, and you can deploy your applications royalty free. Each ADK is $199, but during this special offer, only $99! MORE INFO | ORDER NOW.

Original Post…

I can highly recommend it. The non-Pro Version already saved me plenty of work hours.

The offer was to 21 of Jan…

Well, the subject begs to differ.

I don’t seem able to edit it - it is until 2/21/2014. Don’t miss out.

We kicked this ahead to expire on 2/24 if you are still thinking about it.

Will this allow me to create reports with ms sql server ?

Hi Rus - check it out. You can also serve reports from Valentina Server that use MS SQL Server as a data source. We also support Oracle too.

Lynn … I clicked on the “check it out” link you provided above. The MS SQL functionality is of great interest to me, but when I clicked on the “” link on the page to download the trial mentioned and test it, it is a dead link (404 error). I would indeed try it if I could get a good link to it.

Hi Don,

5.5b20? This is probably yet Nov build. 5.5. RELEASE already was shipped. And after that yet 5.5.1, 5.5.2, 5.5.3 and in nearest days should be 5.5.4. So you can download just a release from the HOME page -> Download

Hi Don,

btw, where you have to see that link to 5.5b20 ? may be in some blog post?
We better remove it to avoid confusion.

Hi Rusian,

I got that link right in the middle of the page that is referred to in Lynn’s post above (“check it out”) …

Is your 50% off promotion still active or not? I will not have time now to download the trial and work with it until tomorrow. If your promotion is over today (or maybe it’s gone already?) then that won’t work for me. Please let me know.

Thanks … Don

Hi Don,

The offer is still going on. It is scheduled to end today, but we may be able to let it run through the morning Tuesday.



Thanks, Lynn/Rusian … I went ahead and ordered both the Studio Pro and the Reports ADK just a moment ago from your web site. From the other folks positive feedback on this forum, I don’t think I can go wrong.

… Don

btw, I see interest to MS SQL… Let me explain picture

  • Our VREPORT.DLL is able connect and get data from few datasources: sqlite, mySQL, postgreSQL, ODBC, MS SQL … Oracle was implemented also, but still on hold, we need just find time. May be 1-2 weeks into v5.5.5

  • We already have spent about 6 months on development of MS SQL plugin for Valentina Studio. Almost all is working.
    but this will yet couple moths, because …

  • We have drop all power now to switch Valentina Studio from WX to QT framework. This will open us great abilities which I will not mention so far :slight_smile: But in v6.0 of Valentina Studio it will become true Cocoa app with support of such Mac OSX things as full screen mode, retina, full support of trackpad, …

We had a few last minute folks asking questions. The offer’s getting pulled in a few hours, so if you want to get it, get it soon!